The idea is to create a “place” where you would rather be more than anywhere else.

The aged structures found in the hills and valleys of the rural world at large, relics from a long ago era, are what drives my design process. I strive to have a minimal impact on the land - to create a structure that blends with its surroundings. 


Pay attention to the forms in which the locals build. For they are the fruits of wisdom gleaned from the past. But look for the origin of the form. If technological advances made it possible to improve on the form, then always use this improvement. The flail is being replaced by the threshing machine.

Flatlands demand a vertical structural articulation; mountains, a horizontal one. The work of man must not attempt to compete with the hand of God. The Hapsburg watch tower disturbs the skyline of the Viennese Woods, but the Husarentemple harmonizes well with it.

Do not think about the roof, think about rain and snow. That’s how the locals think, and so they build the flattest roofs they can using the know-how they have. In the mountains the snow must not slide when it wants to but when the locals want it to. The roof should be safely accessible for shoveling away the snow. We also have to create the flattest roof possible using the know-how and experience at our disposal.

Be true! Nature only tolerates truth. It copes well with iron truss bridges, but rejects Gothic arched bridges with turrets and defensive slits.

Have not fear of being chastised as outdated. Changes in the old building techniques are only allowed when they mean an improvement on them, otherwise remain with the old. For even if it is hundreds of years old the truth has more connection with our innermost feelings than mendacity, which paces alongside us.


This isn't your average place...

The Methow Valley is a place of beauty, power and force. Designing here for 35 years, I have learned how to harness its strengths and design for its challenges. We design smart, responsibly and harmoniously by using recycled materials, passive heating and cooling techniques, shading, and natural house ventilation through strategically placed windows. Factors that must be considered when designing a Methow home/cabin/business include intense snow, powerful valley winds and dry climate. Shackitecture has the experience and know how to address these factors and make your building designed for the Methow.